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29 October 2019


Top 8 posts by engagement - October 2019


A wonderful video that encapsulates the beauty of the Kadampa World Peace Temple Grand Canyon and the sheer joy of the Fall Festival that just finished

Oct 4


Finding the Sun

The final day of the NKT International Fall Festival 2019 at IKRC Grand Canyon, Arizona

Oct 3


This is magical!

October 25 was Je Tsongkhapa Day. Je Tsongkhapa is an emanation of Buddha Shakyamuni, the founder of Buddhism. Buddha emanates as Je Tsongkhapa to spread his pure teachings of Sutra and Tantra in general, and especially Highest Yoga Tantra, throughout the world

Oct 25


Your Kindness Builds Temples

Supporting the work of the International Temples Project in building Temples for World Peace and urban Temples throughout the world

Oct 9


A precious opportunity for everyone

See what is inspiring so many people to take part in the Work a Day for World Peace Project

Oct 13


Prostrating to the new moon

Although much has been accomplished in recent years with the completion of five major Temples for World Peace and scores of smaller urban Temples, within the context of Venerable Geshe Kelsang Gyatso Rinpoche's vast, compassionate vision this is just the beginning - the new moon

Oct 18


Happiness depends on a peaceful mind

An excerpt from Gen-la Dekyong's teaching during the 2019 Fall Festival at the Kadampa World Peace Temple Grand Canyon

Oct 5


One of the most meaningful things we can do

With the recent opening of the Kadampa Temple for World Peace Grand Canyon the work of the International Temples Project has become center stage for many people, inspiring them to want to contribute toward this auspicious project

Oct 15

7_Luces noche (4)

The lights shine on the 2nd anniversary of the Malaga Temple


The power of volunteering at Kadampa Festivals

Online streaming

New for Summer Festival – live streaming

NKT - IKRC ARIZONA - 2024Power of Mantra Students with Gen Khyenwang

Beautiful weekends with Dharma