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30 October 2019

News roundup, october 30, 2019

A chance to catch up on some of the other news stories from recent days


IKRC Grand Canyon

This past Saturday, at IKRC Grand Canyon the public had the opportunity to see the inside of the the 5th Kadampa World Peace Temple. Over 200 locals came from all over Northern Arizona to participate in guided meditations, temple tours and a delicious pancake breakfast!

Gen Kelsang Lingpur gave a special thank you to all the contractors who worked so hard to build such a beautiful temple. This was followed by Gen-la Jampa who gave a beautiful explanation on the symbolism of the temple.

kmc canada

KMC Canada are celebrating 25 years since Venerable Geshe-la gave his first teaching in Toronto.

They are also carrying out extensive renovations of the Temple, building a new shrine, which will also include two large stupas.

Coming soon the Ontario Dharma Celebration with Gen-la Khyenrab, November 8-10.


On October 25, Je Tsongkhapa Day, KMC New York City held a special Offering to the Spiritual Guide, which heralded the beginning of celebrations commemorating the 25th anniversary of Venerable Geshe-la establishing a center in the city.

kmc brasil

KMC Brasil have just celebrated the nine-year anniversary of Venerable Geshe-la opening the Temple in October 2010.

Part of the celebrations involved over 200 people 'hugging' the Temple.

The center is also currently constructing a World Peace Cafe near the Temple.

Coming soon, the Brasil National Festival with Gen-la Jampa, 14-17 November.

kmc madrid

KMC Madrid hosted a visit by Guen Kelsang Lochani, Resident Teacher of KMC Barcelona.

Guen Lochani taught at both venues,  Malasaña and Majadahonda, starting with a public talk on how to become free from stress, which was attended by 180 people,  and concluding with a weekend course on 'Develop your potential - the Bodhisattva's way of life,' which was attended by over 100.

The meditations were led by Guen Sherab, the Resident Teacher in Madrid.

tushita kmc, cape town

Tushita KMC in Cape Town is presently hosting Kadam Lucy as an International Guest Teacher.

On her first day in Cape Town Kadam Lucy enjoyed a meaningful time making friends and teaching meditation on her school-visit in Khayelitsha, where Tushita KMC has been giving meditation classes for six years.

Besides giving day courses in Cape Town, Kadam Lucy will also be giving talks and courses in Durban and Johannesburg.

kmc taiwan

On October 26-27 KMC Taiwan hosted a special weekend course with Gen Kelsang Tonglam entitled 'The Mirror of Dharma - A Teachings and Guided Meditation Workshop'. 

The course was held at Manjughosha Buddhist Center, the city center in Taiwan.