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25 October 2019

this is magical !

Today, October 25, is Je Tsongkhapa Day.

"Je Tsongkhapa is an emanation of Buddha Shakyamuni, the founder of Buddhism. Buddha emanates as Je Tsongkhapa to spread his pure teachings of Sutra and Tantra in general, and especially Highest Yoga Tantra, throughout the world.

"If we sincerely rely on Je Tsongkhapa and put his oral instructions into practice with strong faith, we will attain enlightenment very quickly. The great practitioner Gyalwa Ensapa and many of his followers attained enlightenment within three years through sincerely practising the oral instructions of Je Tsongkhapa. This is magical!

"Many scholars have said that the power of Je Tsongkhapa’s blessings and his skilful methods to lead practitioners to the state of enlightenment is unequalled among those of all other Buddhas. We should rejoice in having met the doctrine of Je Tsongkhapa, and in having the opportunity to listen to and practise the oral instructions of this precious Guru who is the synthesis of all Buddhas."

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