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20 May 2019

special instructions, inspiration & blessings

South African National Festival with Gen-la Kunsang


This weekend, Gen-la Kelsang Kunsang gave empowerment and teachings of Buddha Amitayus at the South African National Festival.

Gen-la shared her heartfelt appreciation for the huge effort Venerable Geshe-la has made, giving us authentic teachings and the fact that if we practice them we will gain realizations and attain enlightenment in this one single life. 'Try to get a feeling for that,' she said, 'A presentation that has never appeared before, it's absolutely unique what Geshe-la has done. '

With these special instructions, inspiration and blessings we left with a richly empowered mind, feeling deeply fortunate for the opportunity that is appearing for us. Now is the time to prioritize spiritual practice, before it is too late.

I wish the Festival would never end
As one Festival goer said, 'For me the Festival was illuminating, it cleared many uncertainties and shared more light into the basic practices of Kadampa Buddhism. The teachings where very clear, understandable and feel very simple to follow. The sessions were timed well and flowed nicely. I loved how the focus on understanding the source of suffering and on complete liberation and the methods to follow were highlighted.

I feel well empowered and equipped to progress along the path. It was such a joy having Sangha together and spending time with everyone. I wish the Festival would never end. It was such a joy to be with people who are also practicing the path to pure happiness.'

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