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20 April 2019


Here is the latest update on the Arizona Temple project:

Building report

  • The upper roof is completed
  • The five-color impregnated glass for the upper level windows was delivered
  • The crowning vajra has arrived from Kadampa Art Studio in the UK
  • The heating, ventilation, and air conditioning system is now installed and inspected
  • The can lights are installed
  • The fire sprinkler system is installed

Away from the Temple, in the main building the rooms nearest the Temple have been converted into a bathroom block, which is now tiled and painted.

Art studio report
Meanwhile, in the Art Studio, volunteers continue to arrive to help with gilding. Daniella from New Jersey, Kat from Long Island, Karen from New Mexico and Cecile from France are all hard at work. 27 vajras and 4 auspicious symbols are completed. The panels for below the lantern next to be gilded.

Next update in two weeks.