19 April 2019


This Easter there are seven major regional events at Kadampa centers around the world:

  • The Spanish Festival with Gen-la Dekyong
  • The French Festival with Gen-la Khyenrab
  • The Swiss Dharma Celebration with Gen-la Kunsang
  • The UK Dharma Celebration with Kadam Bridget
  • The Australian Dharma Celebration with Gen Rabten
  • The German Dharma Celebration with Gen Ananda
  • The Chilean Dharma Celebration with Gen Sangden

These events are part of the NKT-IKBU annual program of regional Festivals and Dharma Celebrations.

Regional Festivals are taught by Gen-las and Dharma Celebrations by the National Spiritual Director for the region. These special gatherings enable people to come together with others from their area and enjoy a few days of empowerments, teachings and meditations - and most important meaningful discussion. Sharing with and inspiring others in this way is an important part of modern Kadampa way of life and makes our individual practice strong and stable.

We will be covering each of these events in subsequent posts, for now enjoy some preliminary photos from the introductory session of the Chilean Dharma Celebration with Gen Sangden that started last night at KMC Chile in Santiago.

Gen Sangden will grant the empowerment of Buddha Amitayus and give teachings on how to increase our wisdom and compassion.