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03 February 2019


Anyone following the TempleWatch updates on the construction of the Arizona Temple on Kadampa news over the last few months will have been captivated by the images of the construction team erecting the steel framework of the new Temple.

The dramatic images of four cool guys with their hats on backwards captured against the backdrop of the clear blue skies and the Arizona mountains soon developed an enthusiastic following among Kadampas around the world.

'I've never wanted to be a construction worker so badly.’ said one comment from South Africa.

'They almost look as if they are flying.’ said another from England.

'Who are these incredible guys? They are building our Temple!’

They are four workers from nearby Page Steel who were contracted to do this part of the construction work. During the week they stayed at the center, observing the center rules and always leaving their rooms in immaculate condition when they went home for the weekend.

Their part of the work is finished now and they are gone. But the other day we caught up with three of them when they returned to do some remaining work and they agreed to be interviewed.

We were curious to find out what the job meant to them and what their experience had been of living and working at a Buddhist center.

Watch the video as Joe, Justin and Joe tell their story with Roger from BEC, the main contractors in Flagstaff.

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