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Latest news on Fall Festival 2019

Grand Canyon, under an hour from the Festival site

Save the dates, save the times
Booking for the Fall Festival 2019 will open at 1:00pm UK time on December 15, 2018.

The Temple opening at IKRC is scheduled for 4:00pm on Thursday September 26, 2019.

Improved browsing on the website
To make it easier to compare and contrast the various offsite accommodation options we have made some improvements to the accommodations page.

Accommodations at IKRC Grand Canyon (onsite)
IKRC Grand Canyon has a wide variety of onsite accommodation options including:

  • Quad ensuite rooms
  • 5-share ensuite rooms
  • 6-share ensuite rooms
  • Dormitories
  • Indoor camping
  • Outdoor camping

These can all be booked through the Festival registration system.

Staying onsite allows you to fully immerse yourself in the Festival experience.

Carefully selected Festival hotels (offsite)
Eleven hotels in Flagstaff and the Circle Pines KOA just outside Williams have been chosen as the official Fall Festival 2019 hotels.

These hotels were specifically selected for their quality, location and convenience. For more information about each hotel, visit the accommodations page.

Inclusive rates
The hotel prices quoted on the official Festival website are the final price you will pay. There are no hidden or additional costs.

Please be aware if you book accommodations outside of the Festival hotels, there will be additional fees and surcharges including, but not limited to, local taxes and water surcharges. For the Festival hotels, all fees, including surcharges and taxes, are already included in the rate you see!

Why Flagstaff?
The Festival experience extends beyond the Festival site, and includes the quality of the accommodation, convenience, local amenities, transportation and visitor and sightseeing opportunities. For these reasons, even though Flagstaff is a little further from the site than Williams, the Festival hotels have been selected in the Flagstaff area.

Local amenities
In Flagstaff there are many more restaurants offering a wide variety of dietary options, including many vegan and vegetarian-friendly restaurants. Flagstaff also offers a wide range of stores and other amenities. For restaurants, grocery stores etc. in the hotel areas see the interactive map.

If you stay at a Festival hotel you will have the option of booking shuttles to and from the hotel and the Festival site. More information about the shuttles will be coming very soon!

Excellent public transit in Flagstaff
Flagstaff has an extensive public transit system making it easy to make your way around town quickly and inexpensively.

Mountain Line buses run every 30 minutes throughout the city. One-way rides are only $1.25 each, or you can purchase an unlimited day pass for $2.50. For more information about the Mountain Line see the Mountain Line website.

More information coming soon