Studiowatch 1

Take a look at the activity in the Kadampa Art Studio over the last couple of weeks.

With the full-time staff and volunteers together there can be over 30 people working there at any one time, unceasingly producing statues and art for Kadampa Temples around the world.

Here we see a Dharma wheel being prepared, more vajras for Arizona, and some of the 35 Confession Buddhas and the main Tara and Avalokiteshvara statues also being prepared for Arizona.

Not all art

Just in case you might be thinking that the Studio activity is all art and no science, we asked Kelsang Rabchog the Studio Manager to explain the last two photos. Here’s his reply:

I’m testing how well the powder mixes with polyurethane using a pneumatic mixing drill by videoing the process in slow motion to assess the speed. The results of this influence the design and running speed of a 220 litre batch mixer we’re making (pictured).

Sorry you did ask 🤩