Freedom from all fear with Gen-la Khyenrab

Besides his busy schedule with international festivals and his ongoing duties as Resident Teacher of KMC Canada in Toronto, Gen-la Khyenrab is also the NKT-IKBU National Spiritual Director of Canada.

In a country as vast as Canada, this is a huge responsibility, and one that Gen-la takes as seriously as everything else he does.

In November his principal focus will be on Ontario, where the centerpiece will be the Ontario Dharma Celebration, November 9-11.

Entitled ‘Freedom from all Fear,’ this event will be held in the Temple at KMC Canada, Toronto. Gen-la will grant the empowerment of White Tara and give teachings on the three types of faith

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Public talk tour

Around this event Gen-la will be touring five cities in Ontario where there are Kadampa centers and giving public talks entitled ‘Letting Go of Anxiety’:

Thurs 1st Nov Kuluta KBC Kingston:
Tues 6th Nov Avalokiteshvara KBC Guelph/Kitchener:
Weds 7th Nov Samudra KBC Hamilton:
Thurs 8th Nov Jampaling KBC Barrie:
Thurs 15th Nov Joyful Land KBC Ottawa:

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Enjoy the video on the tour here.

Popular Teacher
Gen-la is a very popular Teacher. In September at the time of the Quebec Dharma Celebration, he toured five cities in Quebec to give public talks, and every one was a sell out.