Fourth Kadampa Temple For World Peace

The Sintra Temple for world peace

The Sintra Temple for World Peace was inaugurated by Venerable Geshe Kelsang Gyatso Rinpoche on October 25, 2013 Je Tsongkhapa Day.

Venerable Geshe-la travelled to Sintra and chose the site for the Temple, which was acquired by the International Temples Project. Venerable Geshe-la oversaw its design and construction and visited again to bless and open the Temple the day before beginning teaching at the International Fall Festival to over 7,000 people in Sintra.

architecture & art

The Shrine

At the front of the Temple are shrines housing holy objects such as statues, stupas and scriptures. In front these are offerings that are made daily to the holy beings. Generally, we offer anything we find beautiful or welcoming.

The shrine houses extraordinarily beautiful statues of Buddha Shakyamuni and many other holy beings, including the first Temple size statue of the holy Spiritual Guide.

Kadampa Meditation Center Deuachen

The Temple is located at Kadampa Meditation Center Deuachen in Sintra, Portugal. The center offers a full program of courses to people throughout the region.

The Resident Teacher is Gen Kelsang Rigden a monk who, with his example of frinedliness, sense of humor and clarity in expounding the teachings, encourages us to practice meditation and apply Buddha's advice to our lives sincerely.

Gen Kelsang Rigden
Gen Kelsang Rigden

Local area

Portugal is an increasingly multicultural country, the result of the growing presence of foreign residents and tourists. And KMC Deuachen is located in one of the main tourist sites – the historic town of Sintra.

This is all reflected in the different languages of our visitors: in addition to the (obvious) presence of the Portuguese language, we have English, Spanish, French, German. . .

One of the main features of the Temple is that it spreads virtuous potentials not only throughout Portugal but also to various parts of the world through its visitors.

Being here is like being in a real Wheel of Dharma: a whole country (from the North to the Algarve, from Alentejo to Lisbon, and from the Central region to its Islands – Madeira and Azores) still waiting to be visited and to be presented with the inner peace of Dharma.

a living temple

"Dharma is transmitted not just through teachings, but also through how it transforms our lives. This is what makes a Temple alive.

Not everyone who visits the Temple is interested in spiritual teachings. But everyone is touched when they are in the presence of a kind heart."


Some people come to enjoy the manicured gardens, and the quiet and relaxation they experience here.

Others come to enjoy coffee and cake with a beautiful view of a Buddhist temple., and to browse the bookstore and gift shop.

Where else could we find such a setting?

World Peace Cafe






Rua Moinho do Gato, 5, 2710-661 Várzea de Sintra, Lisbon 


+351 219 231 064 

Closest train station

Sintra-Templo. Costs ~ 8 euro