Loving kindness in northern Spain

Especially through my meditation on the three aspects of love May I always care for all living beings without exception, Be free from outer and inner obstructing maras, And attain the state of the Buddha of Loving Kindness. With these words from The Yoga of Buddha Maitreya, Guen Kelsang Chokga encouraged us to integrate the … Read more

An extraordinary event in the Swiss mountains

This weekend was a perfect spiritual holiday for those fortunate enough to attend the annual Swiss-Italian-Austrian Kadampa Festival. It was in every respect an extraordinary event: Extraordinary Teacher – Gen-la Dekyong, the Spiritual Director of NKT-IKBU Extraordinary Teachings – Empowerment and commentary to the practice of Medicine Buddha Extraordinary Location – the breathtaking Kailash International … Read more

A new Tharpa website

Tharpa Brasil has launched a new website offering a full range of books, sadhanas, art and audio products and now downloadable products in Portuguese. Explore the new site at tharpa.com/br The new site joins a family of 16 international Tharpa websites offering books and other products in 8 languages. To browse all sites visit tharpa.com

Last night in Malaga

Modern Kadampa Buddhism meets the people in the heart of the city Last night the people of Malaga enjoyed an inspiring public talk with Gen Rabjor in the new Urban Temple. The Temple was filled with people curious to discover how Modern Kadampa Buddhism can help them with their busy modern lives. Even those who … Read more