20 ~ The crowning glory

The big day arrived! While some workers were engaged in the stone wall landscaping and others preparing the outer Temple walls for the stucco, the Dharma Wheel, the Lantern Tower and the Crowning Vajra were lifted into place. What an auspicious day!

19 ~ Progress on all fronts!

Artists, construction workers and landscapes are all working hard to bring the Temple to completion. Windows are installed, the cladding for the pillars in place, the exterior landscaping under way and the final touches being added to the lantern tower before it is liften into place at the top pf the Temple.

18 ~ Preparing for the adornments

With finishing work on the exterior and interior preparing for the adornments, prepping the ribs of the lantern and the vajra base for gold leafing, filling a statue for the Temple shrine and much more, the project has made great progress since the last update.

15 ~ Auspicious moments at the Temple

Among all the amazing recent developments at the site of the construction of the Kadampa Temple in Málaga, some of the most noticeable were lifting a vajra and one of the exterior auspicious symbols into place as a test. Watch this and much more in the latest video.