9 ~ Temple shrine wall built and roof completed

The new Temple in Málaga is making extraordinary progress thanks to the efforts of a very professional and dedicated team of workers. How kind they are! Here we see the walls being built for the shrine and prep room, the roof completed and work beginning of the services infrastructure inside.

8 ~ Temple roof installed, walls started

In this update we see more extraordinary progress on the new Temple in Málaga, with the roof installed, the first stage of the Temple walls underway and great progress on the drainage system.

7 ~ The first wall of the Temple & much more!

The last few weeks witnessed much progress with the sixth Kadampa Temple for World Peace, from essential safety work, to rainwater drainage, to preparations for the ceiling, and the appearance of the first wall!

6 ~ Painting the frame

These last two weeks at the site of the sixth Kadampa Temple for World Peace have seen the entire steel structure coated in fire-retardant paint and a concrete deck laid above the veranda around the Temple.

5 ~ The steel frame arises

The construction of the sixth Temple for World Peace in Málaga Spain is progressing rapidly, with the steel frame already in place! Now work begins on the roof.

4 ~ Laying the Temple floor

What an extraordinary day! The whole floor had to be laid in one uninterrupted session – 120 trucks of concrete, with everyone working late into the night!

3 ~ Preparing the Temple floor

Watch as the preparations are put in place for pouring the Temple floor, with masses of steel reinforcement being laid and bound together. Soon the trucks will come!

2 ~ Laying the foundation

The groundwork is finished and the concrete is poured. The foundation for the new Temple is laid!

1 ~ Preparing the ground

Today is Work a Day for World Peace when kind benefactors around the world contribute to the International Temples Project. What better reminder of the huge importance of this project than a glimpse of the work beginning on the sixth Kadampa Temple for World Peace at KMC Spain in Málaga!


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