18 ~ Preparing for the adornments

With finishing work on the exterior and interior preparing for the adornments, prepping the ribs of the lantern and the vajra base for gold leafing, filling a statue for the Temple shrine and much more, the project has made great progress since the last update.

17 ~ The extraordinary blessings of the Temple

In this truly inspiring video we meet some of the people helping to build the Temple in Málaga, who talk of their experiences. We see directly how Venerable Geshe-la’s kindness and blessings touch everyone involved involved in this auspicious project.

16 ~ The Temple preparing for many visitors

Among the many developments since the last update, we now see the space being cleared and prepared to receive hundreds of visitors by car, bus and so forth.

15 ~ Auspicious moments at the Temple

Among all the amazing recent developments at the site of the construction of the Kadampa Temple in Málaga, some of the most noticeable were lifting a vajra and one of the exterior auspicious symbols into place as a test. Watch this and much more in the latest video.

14 ~ A Temple arisen from Festivals

As we marvel at the tremendous progress with the Kadampa Temple for World Peace in Málaga Spain, it is worth pausing to think about where these extraordinary buildings come from. Read more . . .

13 ~ The Temple progresses inside and out

The very kind contractors are making tremendous progress with the Temple both outside and in. And they always have time for a wave and a joke when the cameras appear. Meanwhile the vajra seat for the top of the Temple is almost complete as it is coated in copper.

12 ~ The Temple quickly takes shape

We can only marvel at the speed and attention to detail involved in the construction of sixth Kadampa Temple for World Peace in Málaga.

11 ~ Progress on all fronts with the Temple

The dedicated team at Málaga are making tremendous progress on the new Temple. Thank you everyone for your inspiring work and wonderful dedication.

9 ~ Temple shrine wall built and roof completed

The new Temple in Málaga is making extraordinary progress thanks to the efforts of a very professional and dedicated team of workers. How kind they are! Here we see the walls being built for the shrine and prep room, the roof completed and work beginning of the services infrastructure inside.