Temple nearing completion

In the next few days, all the artwork in the Temple will be completed and all the holy objects installed in the shrine.

Countdown to the Festival 1 ~ Buddhas arrive in the Temple

As we count down the final weeks before the new Temple in Málaga opens and the 2022 Spring Festival begins, we follow the work of all the kind artists, builders and volunteers who are making everything ready for us.

27 ~ The golden vajras appear!

Just as the work on the copper roof nears completion, the 37 golden vajras are placed atop the Temple and the doorways are made ready for the deer and Dharma wheels to be placed in position. Watch this video and discover how important the opening of the Temple will be.

26 ~ Bring on the artists!

The construction phase of the Temple building is nearly completed and work on landscaping the grounds is well under way. Now preparations are being made for the teams of artists to take over adorning the Temple inside and out.

25 ~ Temple opening fast approaching

Since the last update there has been tremendous progress in many areas: Path to the Temple entrance laid, The new accommodation unit progressing, with dramatic mountain views from the new rooms, Doors fitted fo the back rooms of the Temple, Flooring and Lighting

24~ A beautiful copper roof & much more

Since the last update, so much has been accomplished at the Temple site. Besides the installation of the exquisite standing-seam copper roof panels great progress has been made in many areas.

23~ So much progress at the new Temple!

23~ So much progress! Every part of the new Temple site is progressing at an extraordinary rate with contractors and volunteers alike working hard producing work of the highest quality: Concrete and structure of the new building Vajra column bases  Gold panels for the lantern Stucco Heated floor Copper fascia Copper standing seam roof panels  … Read more

22 ~ New building arising

Work has now begun on a substantial accommodation block that will mirror the one already in place, both with amazing views of the Temple. Here we see the foundations being laid.

21 ~ The golden lantern and much more

In the last update we saw the lantern tower and crowning vajra installed. This time we see the lantern adorned with golden glass and then the golden ‘hips’ installed bringing the lantern. virtually to completion How precious!

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Renovations have started in Rio de Janiero


Everyone welcome!

NKT US - New Kadampa Tradition - New YorkDSC_2996-X4

Nagarjuna’s intention at KMC New York

Dharma Flouring

Flourishing Kadam Dharma in the Heart