Where does the gold come from?

Where does the gold come from? View photo gallery The first thing you see when you approach a Temple is the glistening gold of the vajras, deer and Dharma wheels. If you have been following the posts from the Kadampa Art Studio in recent weeks you will have seen how hours and hours of sanding … Read more

Studiowatch 1

Take a look at the activity in the Kadampa Art Studio over the last couple of weeks. With the full-time staff and volunteers together there can be over 30 people working there at any one time, unceasingly producing statues and art for Kadampa Temples around the world. Here we see a Dharma wheel being prepared, … Read more

What’s in the crates?

Just before midnight on a fresh autumn night, a truck pulls away from Conishead Priory laden with crates. Heroic Kadampa volunteers had worked for hours under flood lights to help load the truck with a very precious cargo. This was another shipment from the Kadampa Art Studio to the new Temple site at IKRC Grand … Read more

Art for Arizona

A team of dedicated artists and volunteers at the Kadampa Art Studio at MKMC is presently preparing the many adornments for the new Temple under construction in Arizona. Everything is designed and cast at the Studio and then painstakingly sanded and filled. The adornments for the Temple roof – the vajras, Dharma wheels and deer … Read more