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08 May 2019

StudioWatch 9

Statues, stupa, jewels, goddesses & much more

As the Temple in Arizona nears completion the artists in the Kadampa Art Studio at Manjushri KMC are busy preparing statues and art for the Temple.

The principal statue, Buddha Shakyamuni, is now completed, with exquisite decoration, and is ready to be shipped mid-May.

The statue of Je Tsongkhapa is finished and now filled, while the two Sons are being painted ready for filling.

A full size Temple stupa will also be made. Here we seem the original being prepared for making the mold. 4,500 studs are being meticulously placed around the base!

Spacers to go between the auspicious signs on the interior wall - 360 in total in five colors - and 160 precious jewels to go around the Five Family Buddhas - 160 in five colors - have also been prepared.

And the sixteen knowledge goddesses for above the Temple doors are now complete and ready for shipping. Breathtakingly beautiful!

Meanwhile, the artists continue preparing statues and art for the new City Temples that continue to come on stream. Here we see five sets of Buddha Shakyamuni statues being cast.

It is difficult to find words to describe the skill, dedication and attention to detail of these kind people who work so hard to enable the extraordinary vision of Venerable Geshe Kelsang Gyatso Rinpoche to become a reality in this world!

Thank you.