Resilience in the face of adversity

These days climatic and environmental hazards frequently present us with adverse conditions that might otherwise thwart our plans to benefit others. Here is the story of two Kadampa communities who were confronted with such conditions and who worked diligently to ensure the delivery of Dharma was maintained and protect the people who visit their centers.

How to Enjoy a Long Life ~ Canadian Festival

“Everybody is welcome to participate in the next few days. And I would suggest we give ourselves a mission… to relax. Relax into this ocean of Buddha’s teachings, the Dharma. And enjoy, mixing our mind with these pure instructions. I would like to suggest that over the next couple of days, all of us listen carefully to these teachings and put them into practice purely and sincerely.”

Laying the foundation

Since Venerable Geshe Kelsang Gyatso Rinpoche introduced the Foundation Program in the ’80s, it has guided thousands of students around the world along their spiritual path, showing in very practical ways how to integrate Kadam Dharma into modern life.Discover more.

Never giving up

KMC San Francisco recently presented an online event at which three Teachers who have been practicing for many years and who ‘grew up’ together as Kadampas shared the ups and downs we can all face while traveling a spiritual path and how to overcome difficulties such as doubt and discouragement..