Back to school at Manjushri KMC

After breaking for the Spring Festival, the students on the Intensive Teacher Training Program at Manjushri KMC resume their studies with Gen-la Khyenrab on Monday. They will continue until August, when those who complete the program successfully will become eligible to become Resident Teachers at Kadampa centers around the world.

Welcomed and honored

Saturday February 29, 150 people came to the Temple at IKRC Grand Canyon for an Open House with a talk and meditations by Gen-la Kelsang Jampa and to witness a proclamation from Coconino County Board of Supervisors being read out in public.

Proclamation & illumination in Arizona

Out of the blue, IKRC Grand Canyon recently received an invitation to attend a meeting of the Board of Supervisors of Coconino County, where the center is located, on the 25th day of February. There, to their delight, they witnessed the Board approving the following proclamation welcoming the opening of IKRC Crand Canyon:

Gen-la Jampa back in the USA

No sooner had Gen-la Jampa returned to the USA from leading the retreat at Manjushri KMC, than he began a tour of centers in the eastern US before returning to IKRC Grand Canyon, where he is the Resident Teacher. Here we feature his visits to KMC Georgia and KMC Chicago.

A Tale of Two Temples

In the previous post we featured the winter retreat currently underway in the first Temple for World Peace at KMC New York. In this post we catch up with the Mountain Retreat in the magnificent new Temple at IKRC Grand Canyon.