Laying the foundation

Since Venerable Geshe Kelsang Gyatso Rinpoche introduced the Foundation Program in the ’80s, it has guided thousands of students around the world along their spiritual path, showing in very practical ways how to integrate Kadam Dharma into modern life.Discover more.

Never giving up

KMC San Francisco recently presented an online event at which three Teachers who have been practicing for many years and who ‘grew up’ together as Kadampas shared the ups and downs we can all face while traveling a spiritual path and how to overcome difficulties such as doubt and discouragement..

Purifying in Los Angeles

Recently, after a short retreat, Gen Kelsang Ripga, the Resdient Teacher of KMC Los Angeles, returned home to grant the empowerment and give teachings on the purification practice of Buddha Vajrasattva.

A special time for Kadampa centers worldwide

This weekend, many Kadampa centers around the world took advantage of the Easter holidays to offer special events. And with Saturday being NKT Day it was also an occasion for special pujas and celebrations. In this first post on the events of the weekend we feature the mother center, Manjushri KMC in the UK and IKRC Grand Canyon in the US.