Drawing closer to Buddha

Several centers took an important step forward during the month of May, organizing special ceremonies (at KMC France and KMC Slovenia) and special courses (at KMC Hong Kong and Lamrim KBC in Valladolid, Spain).

Spring Festival Day 6

It’s the final day of Festival but there is no sense of things slowing down, instead we have the grand finale we have all been looking forward to!  The opportunity to engage, as a world-wide Kadampa family, in the Long Protector practice, Melodious Drum Victorious in all Directions. 

Spring Festival Day 5

A beautiful day of retreat guided by Gen Tonglam, with five sessions of meditation using Heart Jewel prayers drawing us closer and closer to Dorje Shugden.  The retreat gives us time to meditate on the teachings and bring everything we have learned together into our practice of Heart Jewel. Gen Tonglam takes us on an inner journey step by step through some of the essential teachings from the Festival, giving helpful encouragement and advice on how to practice.  

Spring Festival Day 4

By now there is a strong feeling of harmony at the Festival amongst everyone attending, a pervasive feeling of peace and protection. Everyone is appreciating the teachings, which help us to understand how to improve our own practice and help others to find happiness.

Spring Festival Day 3

It’s day three and everyone is enjoying the daily program of teachings, meditations and chanted prayers around which everything else is woven. This gives a strong meaningful focus to each day and creates a natural rhythm of quiet periods alternating with a friendly sociable buzz between sessions.

Bonus Bulletin 22 May

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Dharma arrives in new cities

For the first time Dharma is appearing in new cities with public talks in Ubatuba (Brazil), 3 neighborhoods in Montreal (Canada), as well as Tocopilla and Calama (Northern Chile).

The Spring Festival shop

Spring Festival time is here! For each NKT-IKBU International Festival, Tharpa opens a Festival Shop both online and at the Festival venue. The Shop offers a special opportunity to buy all Festival-related Tharpa products, such as books, art and sadhanas, as well as new and updated products.

Completing powerful retreats before the Spring Festival

During the month of May, powerful retreats were held at the Sixth Kadampa Temple for World Peace in Málaga, KMC Madrid, Tharpaland KMC and Ganden Ling KMC. A perfect preparation for the International Spring Festival.

A Dharma tour of Switzerland with Gen-la Kunsang

Our National Spiritual Director, Gen-la Kelsang Kunsang, visited Switzerland from 6–15 May 2024. In 10 days she visited Kadampa centers throughout the country and held public talks in our largest cities. With her pure example and boundless energy for the inner spiritual path, she brought great energy and inspiration to all these places and met with many people from all walks of life.

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Public Talks: Developing an authentic inner Peace


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