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05 July 2024

Buddhist Art and ritual Courses

In June, some Centers had the opportunity to organize special courses based on Buddhist art and ritual.
Read on to hear about events in Georgia in the US, and London and Nottingham in the UK.


NKT - KMC LONDON - 2024 (18)

the art of torma making - KMC Georgia

2024 - KMC Georgia - 2024 (13)

Over the weekend a keen group of people gathered at KMC Georgia to learn the art of torma making.

Kelsang Gewang traveled from KMC Florida to share her knowledge and experience and guide us through the process of making tormas.

Everyone had a chance to make a torma, and a few of them will be chosen to be offered in our upcoming Offering to the Spiritual Guide and Wishfulfilling Jewel with Tsog pujas!

2024 - KMC Georgia - 2024 (1)
2024 - KMC Georgia - 2024 (6)

Public Talk & Art Course at KMC London

NKT - KMC LONDON - 2024 (14)

At KMC London we had a great weekend at the Temple in Morden, beginning on Friday evening with a public talk followed by a weekend art course with Kadam Chris Heyes.

Kadam Chris' teaching was light and humorous and delivered a powerful message. He explained how through patiently accepting our external conditions we can find peace and as a result be truly happy.

He then taught the Art Course over the entire weekend to a small but keen group of students. The Temple had a peaceful and concentrated atmosphere as students engaged in the traditional art of drawing Buddha.

A big thank you to Kadam Chris - we really enjoyed hosting you for this event. Come back soon!!

Mantra Course and Mala making workshop at KMC Nottingham

NKT - KMC Nottingham - 2024 (6)

On the last weekend of June at KMC Nottingham Gen Gakyi helped us to discover the power of mantra and how you can use mantras to help calm your mind in times of crisis and also to go deeper and connect with enlightened beings.

Gen Gakyi explained that mantra means mind protection and can be used in many ways to help us, protect us, gain concentration and help us change our mind from negative to positive.

In our afternoon session, we had a demonstration of how to make malas and then we made our own personal malas. It was a wonderful day.

NKT - KMC Nottingham - 2024 (5)
NKT - ITTP - 2024 (3)

Teachers gathered together at their spiritual home

NKT - MENLHA KMC - 2024 (3)

Weekend retreats on faith and a good heart

NKT - KMC MEXICO - 2024 (14)

Wisdom & Compassion in Mexico

NKT-IKBU - Kadampa - Colombia - Bogota - IMG_20240622_175247

Peaceful minds in peaceful environments