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07 July 2024

Teachers gathered together at their spiritual home

The Resident Teachers of the New Kadampa Tradition have gathered together at their spiritual home, Manjushri Kadampa Meditation Centre, to participate in an annual Intensive Teacher Training Programme (ITTP). 

NKT - ITTP - 2024 (46)

With approximately 250 Teachers taking part in person and online, it is a truly international assembly with the teachings translated live into several languages.

For the Teachers it is wonderful to have this time together and to take a short break from their teaching schedules to study Venerable Geshe-la's books intensively with Gen-la Khyenrab, who teaches with humour and great wisdom. This year they are studying the final chapters of Meaningful to Behold, with great emphasis on developing both the wisdom of exchanging self with others and the deep wisdom realising emptiness presented in the ninth chapter.

NKT - ITTP - 2024 (43)
ITTP Photos 2024-33
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The Teachers have an opportunity to really focus on Dharma and the discussions over mealtimes are at times deep and profound. There is a real joy in the air at having this meaningful time together, to go deeper spiritually but also to strengthen Sangha bonds, spending time with each other in the cafe and peaceful grounds.

ITTP Photos 2024-12

For the visitors and residents at Manjushri Centre it is also very inspiring having the Resident Teachers in attendance. They enjoy the great energy they bring as they put effort into their studies, hearing Dharma discussed everywhere, attending pujas together and working alongside the Teachers in their voluntary work.

NKT - ITTP - 2024 (40)

We wish each of the precious Resident Teachers of our tradition a very blessed study programme. May it bring them great insight and give them energy to continue with their virtuous work around the world to benefit others with Kadam Dharma.

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