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06 June 2024

Walk for world peace - KMC New Mexico

We recently held our Walk for World Peace, an annual event organized by KMC New Mexico. This is our annual fundraiser to raise money for the NKT International Temples Project, to contribute to building Temples for world peace. We had many volunteers from our community donate their time and energy to support the event. Through our kind sponsors, we reached our fundraising goal!

The event began with participants gathering early, full of enthusiasm and ready to walk for a great cause! We started with a talk by our Resident Teacher, Gen Kelsang Khyenwang, who inspired us to reflect on the importance of our contribution to world peace through practicing kindness and compassion.

The walk was a joyous occasion, with people of all ages joining together. With meaningful conversations and a sense of unity, participants reflected on the importance of world peace and our collective efforts.

Everyone had a wonderful time walking and gathering afterward to celebrate while enjoying a barbecue luncheon. The atmosphere was filled with achievement and community spirit. Thank you to all who contributed and made this event a memorable and successful day!

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