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12 June 2024

Public Talks:
Developing an authentic inner Peace

Following the Spring Festival, the Kadampa Meditation Centers in Kensington, Berlin, Hamburg and Barcelona held well attended public talks with guest Teachers.


Public Talk with GEN DEMO in kensington (kmc london)


Last Friday a crowd filled KMC London-Kensington for a delightful evening with Gen Demo, Resident Teacher of KMC Washington DC and Midwestern US National Spiritual Director. There were some first time attendees at the talk as well as the local Sangha community and people who were in town following the NKT Spring Festival in Cumbria at Manjushri KMC. One lady saw the poster in the window just before the talk began and joined the talk as she felt she needed to develop her fearlessness as her mother had recently passed away.

The talk was full of incredible analogies that brought alive the teachings that Venerable Geshe-la presents in his book, How to Transform Your Life on overcoming anxiety. After the talk many people stayed for canapes and drinks prepared by the KMC London team.

There was a light and joyful atmosphere and people felt that the night was a great success.


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Public Talk with kadam morten at kmc berlin

NKT - KMC BERLIN - 2024Kadam Morten KMCB_0019

Kadam Morten explained that Buddha did not teach meditation merely for relaxation but to bring true happiness. He questioned the nature of happiness, suggesting that external things can only provide temporary satisfaction. Instead, inner peace is the key to lasting happiness, which is a state of mind. He illustrated this by noting that happiness from listening to music doesn't come from the music itself but from within the mind. He emphasized that through consistent meditation practice, we can create mental space, allowing our awareness to turn inward and discover a dimension of stillness and spaciousness. When the mind settles, it naturally becomes peaceful, leading to an ongoing experience of deep happiness.

He concluded that inner peace and happiness are our true nature, and we all possess this source of peace and happiness within us.

NKT - KMC BERLIN - 2024Kadam Morten KMCB_0002

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Public Talk with kadam morten at kmc hamburg

NKT - KMC HAMBURG - 20242024-06-07 15.11.19

On June 6th, Kadam Morten visited KMC Hamburg and gave an inspiring public talk with guided meditation. He explained how to develop an authentic inner stability through a practical approach to taking refuge in our Buddha nature, and how to give our life deep meaning through the practice of Buddhist meditation.

It was a wonderful evening for the community as well as new people, and many people stayed and chatted deep into the evening.

Thank you, Kadam Morten, for stopping by!

NKT - KMC HAMBURG - 20242024-06-07 15.12.59



The beautiful public talk at KMC Barcelona with Gen Kelsang Rabten was a truly inspiring event. A total of 225 individuals gathered to meditate and reflect on the thought-provoking question: "Is happiness created or does it simply happen?" The discussion highlighted the importance of taking active steps to build our own well-being while also contributing to the well-being of others.

One of the key takeaways was the understanding that happiness is an internal endeavor, with its primary cause being inner peace. The atmosphere was charged with a collective aspiration to pursue and cultivate this peace.

There's much to be done, but it all starts with the commitment to work on our inner selves.
Onward to inner peace!

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