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09 June 2024

Our Spring Festival, by KMC Hong Kong

This year, a group of 54 students from KMC Hong Kong enthusiastically participated in the annual International Spring Festival given at Manjushri KMC. 19 students experienced the Festival in-person while 24 others joined online. This inclusive approach ensured that everyone had the opportunity to engage in the enriching activities and connect with the larger community, irrespective of their physical location.

The Festival goers have generously shared their photos and personal experiences with us as a source of inspiration and joy. Their stories and images serve as a testament to the profound impact that such spiritual gatherings can have, fostering a sense of unity and collective progress. Through these shared moments, the spirit of the Spring Festival continues to resonate, extending its reach beyond the immediate event and into the hearts and minds of all who participated.

My journeys of taking the long haul flight plus train and bus ride from Hong Kong to Ulverston and then to Kalaish were long and tiring but it is worthwhile and joyful.

Staying in the beautiful environment of Manjushri KMC and Kalaish IRC gave me space to concentrate on Dharma practices. Meeting with and practice together with sanghas from all over the world inspired me to learn from their good examples which made the trip so rich and special. Volunteering in serving breakfast, translations and cleaning gave me an opportunity to immediately apply the teachings to daily activities;

I took home with a deeper understanding of how to live a simple, comfortable and efficient spiritual life by relying upon the great Dharma Protector Dorje Shugden.

What a wonderful and meaningful experience.


I feel very lucky to be able to learn Kadam Dharma and join the Festival online. This opportunity is rare. For me, a beginner, this is the first time I participated in such a large-scale online Festival.
It is a great honor to receive the empowerment of Dharma protector Dorje Shugden, to learn the commentary and to participate in retreat.I sincerely thank Geshe-la, all the teachers and sanghas for their kindness.


I would like to thank my Spiritual Guide, Venerable Geshe-la, for spreading the special and pure Dharma to modern people so that I can also learn Dharma to create different happiness and freedom for myself. Thank you to Gen-la Jampa for his teachings. I can be in the same mandala with Guru Buddha, the great protector Dorje Shugden, and sanghas all over the world. This is such a wonderful thing, and how lucky I am. Also, I am able to receive the empowerment online together with my 8 year-old daughter and my 85 year-old father who has long-term illness. After receiving the empowerment, I can feel the blessings.



Following the Festival, a group of 4 fortunate people chose to deepen their practice by embarking on a post-Festival retreat. They followed their Resident Teacher, Gen Tonglam, to Kailash International Retreat Centre. Amidst stunning scenery, the retreat provided a tranquil environment for the participants to reflect on their experiences, meditate, and learn to integrate the teachings from the Festival into their daily lives.


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