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20 May 2024

Dharma arrives in new citieS

For the first time Dharma is appearing in new cities with public talks in Ubatuba (Brazil), 3 neighborhoods in Montreal (Canada), as well as Tocopilla and Calama (Northern Chile).

public talk in ubatuba in the state of São Paulo

The newly arisen KBC Shakyamuni based in Ubatuba, in the state of São Paulo, organized for the first time a public talk with our National Spiritual Director, Gen Kelsang Mudita.

Over 70 people joined the public talk. They had the opportunity to receive practical advice on how meditation can transform our lives.
At the end of the event people were very grateful and appreciated the simple, profound and clear teachings of Kadam Dharma.

Ubatuba is located 220km from São Paulo and 300 km from Rio de Janeiro. 80% of its territory is covered by rainforest.



On May 9, 10 and 12, Gen Kelsang Chögyan, Resident Teacher of KMC Montreal, visited 3 Montreal neighborhoods to give a public talk entitled Staying Calm When Things Go Wrong. This is essential advice for our modern lives since they are filled with so many unpredictable and difficult situations.

In three very different venues, Gen Chögyan shared with us a new way of thinking: all the problems we experience in our life come from our mind. Gen Chögyan helped us to distinguish between outer problems and inner problems. If we transform our mind and make it more and more peaceful, we can free ourselves from our actual inner problem, our unpleasant feelings and mental pain. The best way to develop and maintain a peaceful mind is to rely on our good heart by learning to sincerely cherish others.

Thank you to the volunteers, to the people who rented these beautiful spaces, to Gen Chögyan and especially to Venerable Geshe-la!

Public Talk in northERN chile: tocopilla AND CALAMA

For the first time, Dharma has arrived in Tocopilla, Northern Chile.

On Saturday May 11, the recently opened Tara KBC, Antofagasta, Chile, organized a public talk with Resident Teacher, Kadam Roxana, in Tocopilla, which was attended by 42 people.

All of them were very interested in the topic of the talk, learning how to meditate and overcome anxiety.

They also requested us to continue with Dharma activities in that little mining town by the coast and in the middle of the driest desert in the world, Atacama.


Four half-day courses have been taught since January this year in Calama by Tara KBC in Northern Chile.

Calama is a small mining town in the middle of the Atacama desert located 2,300 meters above sea level about 217 km from Antofagasta.

There are two more courses planned in Calama, one in May and the last one in June.


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