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15 May 2024

A Hidden Jewel in London

In the capital of the UK - London - where almost 10 million people live, there are three Kadampa Meditation Centers. The centers serve as an oasis of peace amongst the daily hectic life of one of the biggest cities in Europe. In this article we feature Heruka KMC.

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Heruka KMC

The first Center established in London - Heruka Kadampa Meditation Center is like a hidden Kadampa jewel in Golders Green.

Located in a peaceful residential area in North London, the facade of an English house hides an open and spacious lounge area, two meditation rooms, a world peace cafe with patio and garden and residential rooms extending to four adjacent houses.

The Center was opened in 1992 by Venerable Geshe Kelsang Gyatso Rinpoche. Since the first house became a home to Modern Buddhism, three more were purchased. Houses are neighbouring, creating a joined garden for people to relax. There are 24 residential rooms with new en-suite rooms being developed, making it a perfect location for those who love both a city buzz and a peaceful time at home.

Qualified Kadampa Shrine

The meditation room can fit up to a hundred guests with the overflow area in the lounge expanding the capacity to 140. The Center has a fully qualified Kadampa shrine with modern Kadampa statues providing a blessed space in which to enjoy the teachings, prayers, and meditations.

Londoners Explore Tantric Teachings at Heruka KMC

Londoners recently gathered at Heruka KMC to delve into the teachings of Tantra. Led by the Resident Teacher, Kadam John McBretney, the event provided insights into Tantric practice, motivating attendees to move beyond suffering and problems. The local Sangha community and a wider London audience were equally inspired by this transformative experience, which encouraged people to think about attending the Fall Festival in Brazil this year. The course featured teachings, meditation, and a vibrant discussion with Q&A after each session to clarify the meaning of Tantra according to Modern Buddhism.

Kadam John McBretney shared his gratitude, “Thank you to everyone who came and showed an interest in these profound teachings of Buddha, given to us by our kind Spiritual Guide, Venerable Geshe Kelsang Gyatso.”

Heruka Centre_LONDON-4282

Make sure to visit Heruka KMC next time you are in London!


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