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02 April 2024

Making A Special Connection With Medicine Guru

This month, the Chilean Dharma Celebration brought over 100 Sangha together for meditation, teachings, and the Medicine Buddha empowerment led by Gen Chokyong.

The program of Dharma Festivals and Celebrations, designed by our beloved Teacher, Venerable Geshe-la, help us make the most of each day of the event.

The first day was one of reunions, where the Chilean Sangha gradually gathered, culminating in all of us meeting in the meditation room to receive the first teaching of the event from our Spiritual Director, Gen Chokyong.

The second day began with a meditation guided by Kadam Roxana, the Teacher from Tara KBC in Antofagasta,. This helped us to develop a pure motivation for receiving the empowerment. Then, Gen Chokyong gave the blessing empowerment of Medicine Buddha. Through this we established a deep connection with Medicine Guru, benefiting us in this life and all future lives. Then in the afternoon, the teachings brought us further understanding of the Medicine Buddha practice so that we can continue to nurture the connection established during the empowerment.

On the third day, we received the transmission of Geshe-la's 2006 teachings from our National Spiritual Director.

And finally, the day to practice everything we learned—the day of retreat. On this occasion, four sessions were guided by Kelsang Sudhana, the Resident Teacher in Puerto Montt. We had the opportunity to engage in each part of the Medicine Buddha sadhana, applying all the advice and teachings received during the preceding days.

Thank you, Geshe-la, for enabling us to gather again at KMC Chile and enjoy this beautiful long weekend at this year's Dharma Celebration. We hope there will be many more, allowing an increasing number of people to experience these meaningful events.


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