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25 April 2024

Bonus Bulletin - 25 April

Read about some other recent activities organized by Kadampa Centers around the world.

Is Peace Possible? talk at Flagstaff Downtown Public Library

The IKRC Grand Canyon organized a Public Talk at Flagstaff Downtown Public Library with Gen-la Kelsang Jampa, the Resident Teacher and Deputy Spiritual Director of the NKT-IKBU.

New connections were made as we welcomed many newcomers. Several students from the Flagstaff branch class attended the public talk, and we are planning to be back in Flagstaff this summer for a local market on June 8 and August 24. In October, the IKRC Grand Canyon is planning a public talk with Gen-la Jampa at Northern Arizona University in the Cline Library’s Assembly Hall, which holds 300 people.

KMC Madrid in preparation for Vajrasattva empowerment

At KMC Madrid, we will receive Buddha Vajrasattva empowerment from our Teacher, Gen Tsongmo. As a preliminary, we organized a special day to cherish our urban Center in Malasaña. Several students from the study programs cleaned and prepared the space for empowerment. There was a lot of joy, and the time spent with Sangha was a very special morning. There was also the cleaning of the Buddhas and shrines. All in all, a new opportunity to accumulate merit that will lead us to enlightenment. Thank you very much, Geshe-la, for so many opportunities.

NSD's visit to KBC Toluca, Mexico

Recently, KBC Toluca welcomed our National Spiritual Director, Gen Sangden, who gave inspiring talks and meditations. Over 70 people participated and engaged in a wonderful emptiness retreat; we would like to thank our precious Teacher for this visit!

KMC Ottawa - the joy of Torma-making

We held an amazing Torma-making workshop at Kadampa Meditation Centre Ottawa, led by our friend Rose Hirano, the Education Program Coordinator at KMC Canada. The time flew by as we enjoyed learning to make qualified tormas. It was also a wonderful time to connect with friends who traveled here for the workshop from Québec and our students from Ottawa. Rose promised it would be a wonderful, meaningful day, and it was!

NKT Day at Tara KBC in Canada

On April 6, we celebrated the NKT Day with a morning workshop called: "Prayer, it's 'nice'!"

We learned that we can pray anywhere, anytime, and for all living beings. Prayer creates peace in the world. We also read special dedications to Geshe-la, our precious Founder, Teacher, and Spiritual Guide, watched a video on the development of Dharma centers in South and Central America, and then engaged in the purifying practice of the 35 Confession Buddhas. A day filled with virtue! Thank you, Geshe-la, for your immense kindness towards all beings in this world.

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