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11 March 2024

Courses on the Essence of Buddha's Teachings in Toronto & Barcelona

Every week Kadampa Centers all over the world offer a variety of courses on many different aspects of Buddha’s teachings. Two beautiful recent courses were at KMC Canada in Toronto and at KMC Barcelona.

It is wonderful that anyone can attend such events, thereby developing the ability to find the real meaning of their human life. Thank you Venerable Geshe-la for your incredible kindness!

Weekend Course with Kadam Morton in Toronto

Over 100 people attended our weekend course with Kadam Morten, the visiting Teacher from KMC New York City. We were so happy to welcome Kadam Morten to Toronto for the course called, Creating an Extraordinary Life through Tantric Practice.

Kadam Morten gave a clear and concise presentation of Buddha's profound Tantric teachings. His advice on how to integrate Tantric practice into our daily life was particularly inspiring. Everyone savored this banquet of delight!

Let's meet again in a few short weeks here in Toronto for the Canadian Festival with Gen-la Kelsang Dekyong!!

Requesting The Union of Heruka in Barcelona


We shared a meaningful day with the Kadampa community of Barcelona, where the Resident Teacher Gen Lochani shared the inspiring commentary given by Gen-la Kelsang Dekyong at Manjushri KMC, to Request to the Holy Spiritual Guide Venerable Geshe Kelsang Gyatso Rinpoche from his Faithful Disciples.

Over 100 people came together to learn about the meaning of this precious prayer. Many were inspired to join in the practice of close retreat on Guru yoga using this prayer, which will be held at our center in Montserrat. Others plan to engage in retreat in their daily lives, balancing it with work and normal routines.

Thank you Geshe-la for giving us this precious opportunity.

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Early booking discount for the Summer Festival 2024 will end on 17 June

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