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26 March 2024

Bonus Bulletin - 26 March

Read about some of the other activities taking place all over the world recently.


KMC France - Refuge Vow Ceremony

Recently, KMC France held a refuge vow ceremony and many of the community took part. Why was this day so precious? Taking refuge vows is the method by which we enter and progress on the Buddhist path. By taking these vows and observing them throughout our life, we gradually achieve the Dharma realizations of Sutra and Tantra. It is these spiritual realizations that are our true protection from suffering.

During the ceremony, Gen Eupamé guided us step by step, explaining the different levels of refuge, from the refuge of an ordinary being seeking protection from negative states of mind, to the refuge of a great being seeking enlightenment so as to be able to protect other living beings. It was a beautiful ceremony and a heartfelt experience of how our spiritual practice is strengthened by the practice of refuge.

KMC Chicago - Fire Puja

KMC Chicago hosted a Vajrayogini burning offering for the Midwest. There were 17 practitioners coming from around the Chicago area and Indiana. Five practitioners had just completed their first close retreat! It was a joyful and blessed event with two wild geese flying over the site just prior to the puja.

KMC Chicago will be hosting another Vajrayogini burning offering in 2025 as others will want to engage in the close retreat following the upcoming Highest Yoga Tantra empowerments at the Fall Festival 2024 at KMC Brazil.

Vajrapani KBC - 3 Special Events in March

In March we attended two events in our local community and held a retreat called Supreme Ocean of Infinite Good Fortune. The community events were: a meditation class for the Alan Gray Orbis Foundation Wellness Event, and Gen Mila was invited to guide an outdoor meditation session in Glen Austin entitled Cultivating Habits for Peace of Mind. There were many first time meditators and it was great to see people enjoying a peaceful mind.

The retreat took place over five days retreat with four sessions a day, drawing closer to our root Guru, Guru Sumati Buddha Heruka. Gen Mila, our Resident Teacher, guided the first session of each day.  With a precious mind of faith, we set out with a compassionate motivation and intention for this retreat to bring the greatest benefit to all: through reciting Venerable Geshe-la’s name mantra, may the precious Kadam Dharma Jewel develop in our hearts and may Kadam Dharma flourish internationally. 

Dromtonpa KBC - Away Retreat at Kailash IKRC

Dromtonpa Kadampa Buddhist Center in Bern had a wonderful retreat at Kailash International Retreat Center 15-17 March. The retreat topic was Inner Balance. Our Resident Teacher Kadam Hélène Oester gave us beautiful teachings to increase our inner balance and inner peace. 

KMC New Mexico - Refuge Vow Ceremony

KMC New Mexico recently hosted a Refuge Vow Ceremony led by our Resident Teacher, Gen Khyenwang.

The blessings were very powerful as 40 community members gathered to receive the vows. Many of them received them for the first time. Such a wonderful reason for rejoicing as they come under the umbrella of Buddhism.

It is a powerful indication of the increasing times in our precious New Mexico community.

KMC New Mexico

NKT US - New Kadampa Tradition - New YorkDSC_2996-X4

Nagarjuna’s intention at KMC New York

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