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10 February 2024

Vajrayogini's Blessings at KMC Madrid

Eighteen fortunate modern Kadampa disciples concluded the Vajrayogini Close Retreat 2024 at KMC Madrid-La Sierra, led by Gen Tsongmo. We completed the recitation of 100,000 mantras of this enlightened Deity and 10,000 wisdom descending mantras. We celebrated the end of the Vajrayogini Close Retreat and performed a fire puja as a special purification practice.

We share some moments of what has been such a special and precious month of January with Sangha from different parts of Spain. We are delighted and grateful to Venerable Geshela for giving us these extraordinary practices! May Kadam Dharma continue to flourish in the hearts of all beings

After a wonderful Vajrayogini close retreat, on January 31 came the exciting day of fire puja and self-initiation. More than twenty of us enjoyed preparing and engaging in these special events. It was an intense day full of joy and blessings.

NKT-IKBU_New Kadampa_ Uruguay - Opening -IMG-20240203-WA0006

Joyful and Blessed Events in Uruguay and Argentina

NKT-IKBU_New Kadampa_ France - KMC Lille - conferencePXL_20240205_181149712~2

National Spiritual Director’s Visit to KMC Lille, France

Group with Kadam Bridget

Buddha’s Blessings Reach the Isle of Cumbrae

Empowerment 1Sat

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