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04 January 2024

Entering the New Year with Blessings & Joy 〜 Part 2

Continuing our coverage of the New Year's Celebrations from around the globe (See Part One of this post here), in this article we hear from many centres around the world. A collection of wonderful events to begin 2024 in a meaningful way!


Kadampa Meditation Centre Brazil has organized various activities to mark the transition from 2023 to 2024 at the Brazilian Temple for World Peace. An end-of-year retreat, New Year's celebration, and three retreats in January have been planned.

We hosted a 5-day retreat from December 17-31 called: In 2024, I want more peace in my heart, aimed at concluding the year harmoniously. The retreat comprised 9 sessions and saw over 40 participants.

The retreat reached its peak with the New Year's Eve celebration on December 31, featuring a dinner at our World Peace Cafe, followed by a General Program class and Liberation from Sorrow prayers. Over 200 people attended, creating a beautiful and special atmosphere, especially during the recitation of Tara's mantra around midnight.


Kadampa Meditation Center Karlsruhe began the new year with a powerful puja, Klangvolle Trommel - Melodious Drum Victorious in All Directions dedicating it to world peace and the flourishing of Dharma worldwide.

KMC Hamburg

At Kadampa Meditation Centre Hamburg, it was the first New Year's Eve event since 2019. We enjoyed delicious snacks, engaged in good conversations with like-minded people from all over Hamburg, were inspired by Venerable Geshe-la's wisdom, and entered the new year in meditation based on the sadhana of Buddha Avalokiteshvara.

United Kingdom, London

Both our Kensington & Morden communities celebrated - with Kensington City Meditation Space featuring a mocktail bar, great food, and a teaching from Mark Budd - while our World Peace Temple in Morden featured our Resident Teacher Gen Zoma guiding mediations, with exquisite offerings to the Great Mother, Arya Tara, and 24-hour Tara Prayers.

Happy New Year from the team at KMC London! All the best for the year ahead!

France, KMC Metz

New Year's Eve at Kadampa Meditation Centre Metz featured a beautiful retreat on the practice of Buddha Tara and a meal. All those who participated in the retreat and joined for the meal found it a festive and friendly way to spend the New Year.

United States, KMC North Carolina

A wonderful group of people attended a special New Year’s Eve class with Gen Norbu and brunch at KMC North Carolina in USA. An introduction to a series on how to become a better meditator, the class introduced The New Meditation Handbook by Venerable Geshe Kelsang Gyatso, which will be used on Sunday mornings for the first half of 2024.

Three families brought children, which sparked a conversation about the wish for a kids class. A discussion group is being formed to bring that idea to fruition as soon as possible, continuing to make our city Temple in Charlotte, NC even more family-friendly.

United States, KMC Georgia

It was a Dharma marathon at Kadampa Meditation Centre Georgia! Many Atlantans joined us for special Avalokiteshvara prayers to ring in the New Year, followed by delicious desserts. On New Year’s Day, we welcomed both new and experienced participants to our Amitayus retreat and enjoyed a homemade Southern Brunch. An auspicious start to the new year!

Mexico, KMC Merida

On December 31, 2023, and January 1, 2024, we had the good fortune to enjoy the 24-hour Tara retreat to welcome the New Year at Kadampa Meditation Center Mérida. It was a very special opportunity to receive blessings from Guru Tara and to offer prayers for all sentient beings.

South Africa, Vajrapani KBC

Vajrapani Kadampa Buddhist Centre has hosted consistently over the past 14 years a New Year's Eve event and 24-Hour Tara Chanting. Although many people leave Johannesburg over the holiday season and head to the coast there are always a handful of people who are grateful to have a meaningful event on the 31st that gives everyone an opportunity to start the year off with a lighter and more positive mind.

The Resident Teacher, Gen Mila shared how we can learn to trust love to solve all our daily problems and how to create the causes to find the lasting happiness we long for. We engaged in a meditation on giving love, imagining all living beings attained the pure and everlasting happiness of enlightenment, combined with the deeply moving Prayers for World Peace.

Thank you Venerable Geshe-la for giving us such a meaningful life! May we create the opportunity for everyone to have the same good fortune.

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