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10 September 2023

A week in The life of Kadampa Temples for World Peace

After the International Summer Festival and post Festival-retreats, Kadampa Temples for World Peace are opening the doors to the public. See their recent activities form around the world:

Manjushri KMC, First temple for world peace

The First Kadampa Temple for World Peace in the United Kingdom is now open again after the International Summer Festival and is attracting hundreds of visitors every week. Over the past few weeks, so many people have visited to enjoy the World Peace Cafe, explore the grounds, and participate in meditations held in the Temple.

Courses have resumed and Manjushri KMC have hosted a Summer Weekend Retreat with Gen Kelsang Tubchen and people are now enjoying guided Lamrim Retreat with Gen Kelsang Drolkar.

KMC New York, second temple for world peace

During the Holiday weekend, over 200 people from NYC, and across the US, joined Kadam Morten at the Kadampa Temple in Glen Spey.  During the weekend Kadam Morten gave teachings and guided profound Mahamudra meditations on emptiness and the nature of the mind, with a particular emphasis on how we can carry these liberating insights with us during the meditation break.

KMC Brasil, third temple for world peace

Third Kadampa Temple for World Peace in Brazil has become an increasingly popular destination. Following a weekend with almost four hundred visitors, they have also resumed school visits. This week, they hosted 35 students from a local school.

"The visit included a meditation and Q&A session with our resident teacher, Gen Drime, along with an audio tour of the Temple. Visitors also had free time to explore the gardens, cafe, and shop. The day concluded with a special treat as the students tried a vegetarian lunch - a novelty for most!"

KMC Deuachen, Portugal, fourth temple for world peace

Kadampa Meditation Center Deuachen in Portugal hosted an open day at the Fourth Kadampa Temple for World Peace.

The day began with a guided tour of the Temple, where Kadam Antonio explained the spiritual meaning of a Buddhist Temple and its positive impact on mental peace. The tour was followed by visiting the Bodhi tree, a direct descendant of the tree beneath which Prince Siddhartha meditated and attained enlightenment over 2,600 years ago.

Later people gathered at the Temple for a talk led by the Resident Teacher and a Buddhist monk, Gen Kelsang Rigden. His talk about meditation and Buddhism, emphasised the importance of cultivating inner peace to effectively navigate life's challenges.

After the talk, and lunch prepared by volunteers, attendees engaged in a more informal Q&A during our "Tea with the Monk" session. The day concluded with a meditation session.

IKRC Grand Canyon, USA, fifth temple for world peace

arizona tpl

Over the Labor Day Holiday weekend,  IKRC Grand Canyon in Arizona, United States hosted its annual Peaceful Pines Retreat, lead by Kadam Michelle Gauthier. 

"During this weekend's retreat, we focused on how to become deeply relaxed and stay that way during daily life. Participants joined from all over Northern Arizona and the South West."

KMC Spain, Sixth temple for world peace

5star malaga kadampa temple flowers daytime outdoors ginaw

KMC Spain hosted many activities after the International Kadampa Summer Festival, including Post Festival Retreat, weekend courses and a special collaborative event - open day at Malaga KMC (City Venue) and the Sixth Temple for World Peace at KMC Spain.

The path to enlightenment

KMC Spain also hosted a retreat with Gen Rabjor and the Sangha of Seville. This retreat followed the teachings of Kadam Lamrim, drawing inspiration from the International Summer Festival.

"We followed every stage of the path to enlightenment, progressing meditation by meditation, together, step by step, we completed this beautiful journey."

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