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09 September 2023

Special Events in KMC Monterrey, Mexico

End of August was rich in joy, connection and wisdom teachings for the local community of KMC Monterrey in Mexico. People of Monterrey came to enjoy the course with Gen Kelsang Shima and a public talk at the Museum of Contemporary Art of Monterrey (MARCO).

Taming the Elephant of the Mind

The last weekend of August KMC Monterrey held the course "Taming the Elephant of the Mind" with a full center of almost a hundred attendees.

"We enjoyed profound teachings aimed at strengthening and stabilizing our minds. At the end, we gathered for a thank-you and farewell session with our dear teacher Gen Kelsang Shima. Thank you very much to all the volunteers and attendees!"


The following Tuesday, a public talk titled "Being Happy Without Being Perfect" took place at the Museum of Contemporary Art of Monterrey (MARCO). About two hundred people had the opportunity to listen, contemplate, and meditate on the inspiring teachings shared by Gen Kelsang Shima.

"She encouraged us to recognize, reduce, and abandon mental delusions by identifying them in the mirror of Dharma. Many thanks to the teacher and all the people who attended and provided assistance before, during, and after the talk."

DSC07281New Kadampa - KMC Monterray, Mexico

Bonus Bulletin – Nov 14

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The New Centre in São Paulo is Open!

KMC_SIDNEY-Buddha Vajrapani Empowerment5101C699-E870-4FF6-AB65-60B709C2078B

Empowerments Happening Around the Globe

Feria del libro MTY_21

International Book Fair in Monterey