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25 September 2023

Bonus Bulletin - Sep 25

Read about some of the other wonderful activities taking place recently.

KMC New York | KMC Peru | KMC Tharpaland | KMC Georgia | KMC Dresden | KMC Nottingham | KBC Asheville

KMC New York

DEVELOPING CONCENTRATION - part of the Finding Peace Weekends at KMC NY

Over 50 people had the opportunity to join Gen Demo, the Resident Teacher of KMC Washington DC and the MidWestern National Spiritual Director, for a weekend to help develop their concentration.

With more than half of the attendees being here for the first time, the Finding Peace Weekends at KMC NY are a perfect opportunity for people to spend a few days in the peace and quiet of the Catskills.

“This was a perfect retreat and my first time here at KMC NY. Everyone seemed to be in the “zone” for meditation. The staff was so helpful and the accommodations, in the woods, made it so easy for me to disconnect and go deeper than I have in meditation” one retreater said. Another who has been coming off and on for many years said “ I wish I didn’t have to leave.”

KMC Peru

Last weekend, from September 21st to 24th, KMC Peru organized a retreat in Cieneguilla, on the outskirts of Lima.
For 2 days, a group of practitioners from the sangha shared beautiful moments in a very peaceful place and had the opportunity to feel closer to the Vajrayogini practice, deepening their experience of the three bringings, as well as renewing their Bodhisattva and Tantric vows.

Tharpaland KMC held a Vajrapani empowerment course on "How bliss defeats our delusions" with their Resident Teacher, Gen Ananda. The sangha communities of Berlin and Tharpaland enjoyed a beautiful 'Indian Summer' weekend together with inspiring teachings on why great bliss is the essence of Tantra, bathing in Geshe-la's blessings and engaging together in The Yoga of Buddha Vajrapani on Sunday morning. We pray that all inner and outer hindrances will be pacified!

KMC Georgia

Purifying blessings in Atlanta! This weekend our Resident Teacher, Kelsang Dechok, newly arrived from the ITTP this year, granted the empowerment of Vajrasattva to nearly 40 people. It was great to be together, laugh, share lunch, engage in retreat and enjoy all the happy vibes.

KMC Dresden

Recently, KMC Dresden hosted the public talk "The Healing Power of Authentic Love" with almost 50 participants at Programmkino Ost (PKOST).

The following day, a group of practitioners deepened their experience of these precious teachings - in the day retreat at KMC Dresden. Gen Shenyen repeated the essential instructions and placed a focus on deepening meditation and application in everyday life.

KMC Nottingham

KMC Nottingham was proud to participate in Heritage Open Day, England's largest festival of history and culture. Participants had the opportunity to enjoy exploring the building, grounds, and café, followed by engaging in a guided meditation with our resident teacher, Gen Kelsang Gakyi.

KBC Asheville

Je Tsongkhapa Kadampa Buddhist Center in Asheville, US, recently hosted an auspicious event - the Prajnaparamita Empowerment.

"We're filled with gratitude for the blessings and teachings that enrich our spiritual journey. Here's to many more enlightening moments ahead!" 🌈

KMC_Madrid - Empowerment - 2023IMG_4759

Blessings Pervading Our World

KMC_Boston - Kadam Mornet VisitDSC03360

Promoting Inner Peace Across the USA

Argentina_National_Festival - 2023 Genla DekyongIMG_5757

National Festival in Argentina – Joyful Gathering in Buenos Aires


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