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25 July 2023

Manjushri KMC is Transforming

This year, from 28th July to 12th August 2023, Manjushri KMC is hosting the annual International Summer Festival. Hundreds of both local and international volunteers, helpers from other centers, and kind professional workers are joyfully working together to host a few thousand attendees during this Summer Festival.

The Mother Centre of the NKT-IKBU warmly welcomes many thousands of people throughout the year. However, there are also powerful and special annual gatherings of the International Kadampa community. People from around the globe unite at the heart of Venerable Geshe Kelsang Gyatso Rinpoche's vision for this modern world - the first Temple for World Peace at Manjushri KMC, UK.

Witness the remarkable transformation in preparation for the festival by exploring the photo gallery!


Spring Festival Day 5

NKT-Spring-24-2KK 24 Spring Day 2 32

Spring Festival Day 4


Spring Festival Day 3


Spring Festival Day 2