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21 March 2023

Southern USA Dharma Celebration 2023

The Southern Dharma Celebration 2023 was held at KMC North Carolina in Charlotte where Kadampas from North Carolina, South Carolina and Georgia gathered to receive Je Tsongkhapa empowerment and teachings on Guru Sumati Buddha Heruka practice from Eastern National Spiritual Director and Resident Teacher of KMC New York City, Kadam Morten Clausen.

The celebration included an introduction by Gen Kelsang Norbu, and meditations guided by Gen Kelsang Norden.
13. Southern Dharma Charlotte’23

"Many people commented on the powerful energy of the Sangha community, all gathered together in one place for one purpose.

"The blessings of the Guru-Deity and the faith of the assembly created an overall atmosphere of happiness and enjoyment throughout the weekend, which we dedicate to the flourishing of pure Kadampa Dharma throughout the southern region of the USA."


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