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17 January 2023

Madhyamaka KMC Pathway Project

Just as we need to remove obstacles and prepare the ground for our journey along the spiritual path, workers at Madhyamaka KMC are preparing the ground for a new accessible path through the meadow.

Work began this week on the construction of a new pathway linking the car park to the lake which will give many more people the opportunity to enjoy everything Madhyamaka Kadampa Meditation Centre has to offer. Set in the idyllic Yorkshire countryside the centre occupies over 60 acres of natural woodlands and meadows. 

Madhyamaka project 2
Madhyamaka project 3
Madhyamaka Garden project 2
Madhyamaka Garden project 1
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Madhyamaka project 3
Madhyamaka project

"For the past year teams of kind volunteers from the local community and wider Kadampa family have been working tirelessly to help make the grounds more accessible to the public and more sustainable for the local environment. In addition to the new pathway we’ve also developed two new bee colonies that will gradually repopulate the woodlands with many more colonies in the future.

"The pathway is the first phase of redeveloping the meadow, turning it back from a grazing meadow filled with sheep into a wildflower meadow filled with historically appropriate varieties of flowers. It will run from the rear car park, past the World Peace Cafe, down to St Helen’s Church, a deconsecrated Norman church in the grounds of Madhyamaka KMC. It continues on through the meadow, weaving its way through the beautiful non-native specimen trees down to the lake.

"For the first time in the history of Kilnwick Percy Hall visitors with mobility issues and people with prams will be able to enjoy visiting the lake and gently strolling along the path, no matter what time of year and what the weather conditions are. This will help to ensure Madhyamaka KMC becomes a place of refuge for many future generations of people in Pocklington and the wider Yorkshire region."

Find more information: madhyamaka.org

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