29 November 2022


Last weekend 350 Kadampa practitioners from all over Mexico gathered at Kadampa Meditation Centre Cuernavaca for the National Celebration with Gen Kelsang Sangden, National Spiritual Director for Mexico.

"From the very begining everyone was delighted to be able to enter the newly opened meditation room, where Gen Sangden would guide us through the various stages of listening, contemplation and meditation that lead us deeply into practice of the Venerable White Tara.

"With her lightness, clarity and wisdom, Gen Sangden transmitted the lineage of this practice, and because of it we can receive special blessings from Tara to prevent obstacles and enjoy a meaningful life.

"With special emphasis on understanding that the cause of all our problems is ignorance of self-grasping, we had the opportunity to become closer to Venerable Tara. May we always hold her in our hearts!"

"Thank you Venerable Geshe-la for this wonderful center, wonderful teacher and wonderful Sangha friends."

For more information visit kadampacuernavaca.org


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