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30 July 2022


Welcome to the 2022 Summer Festival

DAY 1 ~ Introduction

A holiday from our delusions

The 2022 International Summer Festival opened last night with an introductory teaching by Gen-la Kelsang Kunsang, retired Deputy Spiritual Director of NKT-IKBU.

Gen-la shared Venerable Geshe-la’s message with us and helped us to appreciate our joyful re-union as a Kadampa family - how we can physically see the union of our international tradition coming together in the presence of our holy spiritual Father, who is once again residing at Manjushri Centre. 

The practice of stopping

Gen-la encouraged us to immerse ourself in the festival to gain authentic personal experience of the magic that Kadam Dharma can bring into our lives. She reminded us that spiritual holidays are when we have a holiday from our delusions, and she gave us special techniques to do this.

"I really appreciated that she gave us a quick method to apply to all challenging situations - ‘the practice of stopping’. She encouraged us here at the festival, to stop uncontrolled desire, stop self cherishing,  stop self-grasping - and she had everyone laughing when she said it included to stop complaining! When our mind starts to grumble we should be unmoving like wood, and then we can try to focus on others rather than ourselves, and remember it's all like a dream. Perfect preparation for the Festival."


Learning to Live Lightly Without Grasping

festival podcast

How our festival gathering is like a Family Reunion

Gen-la Kunsang
Gen-la Kunsang
How our festival gathering is like a Family Reunion

How we come to understand our Spiritual Father’s view, intentions and actions

Morning meditation

The following morning, the first meditation of the Festival was led by Gen Tonglam, National Spiritual Director of Hong Kong, Taiwan & Philippines



Everyone welcome!

NKT US - New Kadampa Tradition - New YorkDSC_2996-X4

Nagarjuna’s intention at KMC New York

Dharma Flouring

Flourishing Kadam Dharma in the Heart

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