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14 July 2022

A special time to be at the mother center

Logo 25 aniversario NKT WHITE

25 years ago, during the Summer Festival 1997, Venerable Geshe Kelsang Gyatso Rinpoche opened the first Kadampa Temple for World Peace at Manjushri KMC.

This was a very special day in the history of Kadam Dharma, and marked the launch of an extraordinary project born from Venerable Geshe-la's compassionate intention - to build a Kadampa Temple in every city in the world.

How wonderful that we can celebrate the 25th anniversary of this event during the 2022 Summer Festival - the international Kadampa community gathered at the mother center!

With Venerable Geshe-la's blessed presence at the center during this time, this will be a very special Festival.

Be sure to book now to be part of this auspicious event.