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13 April 2022

Gen-la Khyenrab visits western Canada

This weekend, for the first time in three years, people in western Canada gathered in person for a Public Talk followed by the Western Canada Dharma Celebration presented directly by Canada's National Spiritual Director, Gen-la Khyenrab!

Public talk
"130 people attended the Public Talk entitled Buddhist Solutions for our Difficult Times. For many people, this was the first time they had listened to Dharma teachings and many felt so inspired that they wanted to share their gems from the evening. Here are a few of their comments:"

'This talk was extremely practical. It. helped me to understand that I have the ability to make a decision to not be angry at the people I work with and how to actually follow through.'

'A good reminder for how I want to be in the world.'

'Wow! That was a brief but very deep teaching on Buddha's Four Noble Truths. I didn't realize how relevant they are to my life!''

Healing blessings
"Then, over the weekend, more than 80 people received the blessing empowerment of Medicine Buddha and teachings on How To Solve Our Human Problems. Gen-la invited us all to make a determination to never get angry again. How meaningful!

"Thank you Gen-la for accepting our invitation to teach in Vancouver and for so skilfully sharing these precious teachings."