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23 March 2022

the healing power of love

southern us dharma celebration 2022

Recently KMC Georgia hosted the Southern US Dharma Celebration at which Kadam Morten, National Spiritual Director for Eastern US, gave the blessing empowerment of Medicine Buddha and teachings on the healing power of love. The meditations were led by Gen Norden, the Resident Teacher at KMC Georgia.


"We all know how meditation increases our inner peace and happiness. But the real goal of Buddhist meditation goes beyond just incremental improvement. The goal is to gain a pervasive experience of happiness, love, compassion, confidence and wisdom and to have those experiences be stable and lasting. In other words, the goal is to gain actual heartfelt realisations of Buddha’s teachings.

"The focus of this Dharma Celebration was on how to arrange our meditation practice so that we can be confident that it is leading us to realisations."


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