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20 February 2022

Málaga and beyond ~ Kadampa Art Studio update

Kadampa Art Studio is abuzz with activity. Over the last two years they have made well over a thousand objects to adorn the new Temple in Málaga.

With the construction phase of the Temple nearing completion, it will soon be time to begin installing all the artwork inside and out. Most of the pieces have already been shipped and some are still being completed.

Some of the artists from the Studio will soon be going to Málaga to help with the finishing and installation, while others will remain at the Studio to complete, paint and gild the remainder.

Elsewhere in the Studio, artists and volunteers are busy preparing statues and adornments for the many new urban Temples that have been opened this year.

And well before the Temple in Málaga is opened, work will begin casting objects for the next big Temple in France.

International Art Course
Around 15 people have enrolled in a special course being run at the Studio to train people to help with future Temples and other projects. They split into small groups and train for a few weeks in the various departments including mold-making, casting, finishing, spraying painting, gilding, crating and 3-D computer design. It is a wonderful energy in the Studio at this time with so many dedicated people engaged in so many virtuous activities. A big thank you to everyone involved.

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