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10 January 2022

The 5th annual mountain retreat begins

Every year the IKRC Grand Canyon holds a special winter retreat. Venerable Geshe-la gave this annual retreat the name Mountain Retreat and blessed it.

Last Friday evening, Gen-la Jampa gave the introduction to the 5th annual Mountain Retreat.

IKRC Grand Canyon has people joining from all over the United States, Mexico, Canada, Spain, Taiwan, and the UK both online and in-person! Around 200 people are taking part.

"This year's retreat will focus on Heart Jewel Prayers, going in depth through the entire practice. Gen-la Jampa will share Venerable Geshe-la's commentary to Heart Jewel from his teachings in 1998.

"Over the next few weeks we will engage in King of the Dharma sadhana in conjunction with a Migtsema retreat. We will finish the last three weeks exploring the profound practice of the Yoga of Buddha Heruka."

Preparations for the retreat