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07 December 2021

Spain gathers to celebrate

Last weekend (3-7 Dec) was the 16th Spanish Dharma Celebration, exceptionally held at KMC Barcelona this year (in-person & online), the largest to date, with more than 460 participants from all over Spain. Our first national face-to-face event after almost two years and the last one before the opening of the 6th Kadampa Temple for World Peace at KMC Spain in Malaga, on June 10th.

Throughout five days we have been able to deepen our experience of the profound teachings of Kadam Dharma and have felt more encouraged to keep going on the path to liberation from suffering with the power of Vajrapani and the help of the precious Sangha friends. It was amazing to see the joyful gathering of this jewel that becomes especially powerful at these great events. We have had the time to share experiences and reconnect with each other.
We thank our National Spiritual Director Gen Chokga from whom we have received the blessing empowerment of Buddha Vajrapani and very practical, joyful and powerful teachings on how to overcome our delusions. Also, we thank the other teachers Gen Lochani for her inspiring introduction, Gen Rabjor for his precise guided meditations and Gen Tsongmo for her clear instructions during the retreat.
Don´t miss our next big special event in Málaga! The NKT IKBU International Spring Festival 2022  (June 10-16). On June 10 there will be a special ceremony for the opening of the Sixth Kadampa Temple for World Peace.

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