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15 December 2021

Gen-la Thubten visits centers in France

After the French National Festival at KMC France in Le Mans, Gen-la Thubten visited three other centers in France.

Emptiness in Paris

First he travelled to Paris, where he gave a public talk on emptiness to almost 200 people, many of them online. It was an evening of much joy and laughter.

Relying on a Spiritual Guide in Montpellier

The next day Gen-la travelled to the beautiful (and much warmer) city of Montpellier in the south of France, where he officially opened KMC Vajrassattva and gave a public talk on relying on a Spiritual Guide to a capacity audience.

Modern day Kadampa practitioners in Toulouse

Finally Gen-la visited the charming city of Toulouse, where he opened KMC Vajrvarahi and gave a public talk on being a Kadampa practitioner in the modern world to a packed meditation room - the first teaching in their wonderful new building.

Warmth, Joy & laughter

Quite a few people travelled to multiple events, some to all four. And at every location there was great warmth, much joy - and plenty of laughter!


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