09 August 2021


Day 11 ~ in the sindhura mandala

there are no words

Following the extraordinary empowerment of Heruka body mandala, yesterday Gen-la Jampa granted the empowerment of Venerable Vajrayogini in her sindhura mandala. With great clarity and profundity he gave sublime introductions to the outer, inner and secret Dakinis before leading us into Venerable Vajrayogini's mandala and bestowing the four empowerments. There are no words!

This amazing day was rounded off with a Tantra Question and Answer session with Gen-la Khyenrab. Profound, informative and delightfully good humored!

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She is already there

Gen-la Jampa
Gen-la Jampa
She is already there

Finding Vajrayogini

and now for the commentary

Today, following the empowerments, Gen-la Jampa will begin a series of six teachings giving commentary to these Highest Yoga Tantra practices. What great good fortune!


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The practices of Heruka & Vajrayogini

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Mariana, USA


A minute before the Vajrayogini Empowerment, a doe appeared, like an emanation of Vajrayogini, the manifestation of wisdom of all the Buddhas, the wisdom realizing emptiness.  And then her fawn arrived. How auspicious!

Thank you Geshe-la for all the blessings pouring down on all of us Kadampa Disciples around the World! How absolutely fascinating and wonderful!


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Сегодня первый раз я получила трансмиссию высокой Тантры.

Свет и покой заполнили все мое существо . Совершенно непередаваемое чувство -полное просветление.

Искренние слова благодарности нашему Учителю Гешеле.


KMC Floripa is now 18 months old. It is in the south of Brazil and the nearest Kadampa Center is 11 hours by bus.
With practitioners both online and in person spread across the 3 southern states of Brazil - we are loving this empowerment as well as belonging to this world sangha.
How wonderful!

Teodoro, Chile

Teodoro - Chile
Desde Chile les agradezco a todos quienes han hecho posible con su gran bondad, especialmente a nuestro maestro raíz, venerable Gueshe-La, y al Centro de Meditación Kadampa Chile, el que puedan aparecer en nuestros hogares estas preciosas enseñanzas, bendiciones e iniciaciones a través de este hermoso y muy bendecido festival de verano 2021.

Muchas gracias 🙏

CHRISTINA, a determined kadampa

christina at kmcfl

Christina Holmes is a Kadampa with KMC Florida for about 5 years. She had a wish to do HYT, but unfortunately she had a camping trip/vacation planned with her 18 year old son, 4 year-old grandson, husband and 8 week old puppy. But this deter her!

She was in the Smoky Mountains with no cell signal. The first day she travelled to JeTsongkhapa KBC in Asheville, NC to attend the first session. That evening they went to a hotel with late check-out outside of Savannah, GA where she watched the morning session online and then did the afternoon session online at her son's house in Ocala, FL. For the last night they all drove home to Sarasota and Christina attended the last session at her home center, KMC Florida.


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Today we recieved the most precious jewel from our Spiritual Guide, the empowerment of Venerable Vajrayogini and encouragement to quickly go to Keajra!
To receive this empowerment and instruction is incredibly rare and it gives us the most precious opportunity.
We were so deeply encouraged that we can and will accomplish this, through relying on and drawing close to Guru Vajrayogini and engaging in these precious instructions.

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After the absolutely incredible empowerment of Heruka we received yesterday, Gen la Jampa embarked on another marvellous journey to the magical Pure Land of Keajra.

Beaming with the light of this faith and using the power of his steady concentration, he swiftly dispelled any clouds of delusions or confusion we may have had in our hearts.

My mind still cannot compute how extremely fortunate we are to have received such clear and profound teachings, from such a sincere and genuine Teacher, who is such a pure vessel for Geshe-la to shine his light throughout the entire world.

I’ve been very much looking forward to this empowerment as I felt my Tantric practice had been degenerating over the past months and my mind of discouragement was dimming down my faith in my ability to reach enlightenment. However after this exquisite empowerment, I feel completely refreshed, like a phoenix rising from its ashes.

May the Guru Dakini guide us swiftly to attain realisations, so we can get out of our samsaric minds ASAP. Not sure what’s keeping us in samsara? Keajra looks so amazing. 🔥🙏🏼



Through the immense kindness of Venerable Geshe la, over these last three days we have experienced a real magical display of compassion - modern day miracle powers - as thousands of people around the world entered Heruka and Vajrayoginis mandalas.

It is like a huge wave of blessings reaching everywhere, touching the faithful hearts of so many fortunate beings throughout this world.

I think we can definitely trust that we are under the special care of Guru Heruka Father and Mother, and as we strive to practice these most precious instructions with a good heart and pure intention we will draw closer and closer to our Guru, effortlessly benefiting everyone everywhere!

What good great fortune!



It is quite amazing and extraordinary to be a part of and witness to Buddha’s turning of Heruka Tantra throughout the world, in these most degenerate times.

It is as if a powerful wave of Heruka’s compassionate blessings begins here, then travels without interruption embracing the whole world, each and every continent without exception.

It is like a tsunami of Heruka’s compassion as the Empowerments end in one time zone, they are just beginning in the next and next and so on.... the tidal wave continues around the whole world.

But, unlike an ordinary tsunami wave, the tsunami of Heruka’s compassionate empowering blessings does not destroy living beings, does not destroy environments, it destroys delusion and ordinary appearance and conception. It feels like it is creating mini Pure Lands throughout this world, like mini Keajras appearing.

Heruka does not reabsorb the Mandala after granting Empowerment and giving commentary, so how many Heruka Mandalas are there now scattered throughout this world that will remain and not be reabsorb?


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